20 June 2011


My Life in France

Nope. I didn't go to France, but I read about it..in a book.

Last week I finished reading Julia Child's My Life in France, and I absolutely loved it! I picked it up at Borders not too long ago because it was on sale for $4. I know I could have picked it up at the library, but I'm the kind of person who reads, no kidding, five or six books at once. I never know how long it will take to read something, so I'd rather have my own copy. 

Besides, then I can write in it. Mike thinks this is so weird, but it's a habit I picked up in my life that grew as I became and English major in college. How else am I supposed to remember my favorite quotes, recipes, anecdotes and life lessons?

Writing in books and not using the library to my full advantage means that we have a large collection of books laying around. This may seem like a problem because those of you who know me know I am quite the minimalist. But not when it comes to books. I just like to have them, hold them, flip through them (one of the reasons I don't have a Kindle...sorry to my brother Alex who engineers them...).

I'm hoping having a collection of books laying around will also encourage Ellen to be a reader. Of course, I plan on reading to her all the time, but I think that her seeing my collection and watching me do the same will lead by example as well.

Enough of my reading rambles. The point I was trying to make way back in the beginning is: if you're looking for a light, summer read, try Julia Child's book. I was surprised at how much I truly enjoyed it!

p.s. I was having fun taking pictures of the book in my mixer even though it's a bit dorky. My pregnant brain forgot to take it out, and I didn't realize it until Mike got home and held it up and said, "Is this what we're having for dinner...dork."

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  1. Jen said... June 20, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    I am such a book lover and I cannot deal without the tactile feel of a book in my hands. I love how bookstores smell. I do have a sony e reader which is convenient for work, especially when I'm reading a huge, heavy hardback but my library continues to grow at home. It takes up our entire spare bedroom closet. Reading to my kiddo is so great. I'm like you, can't wait to share my love of books with him.

  2. kfunk said... June 25, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    I feel the same way about reading! I will never own a kindle and I do not like taking books out at the library therefore I also have a large book collection. :)

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