06 August 2012


Create Your Own Digital Scrapbook Elements

If you've been curious how designers create embellishments for digital scrapbooking, it actually is a lot easier than you may think. From taking pictures of clothing to copying elements such as paper clips or elastics, creating embellishments is a matter of finding embellishments that you love and importing them on to your computer to use as a scrapbooking layout. Here are some examples that will inspire you to start creating the perfect digital scrapbooking page now!

Use Clothing in Your Closet as a Scrapbooking Background
{ Lace on a dress, via Sierra } 

Do you have clothing in your closet that you love that’s made with fun patterns such as tie dye, floral, or lace? Digital scrapbooking is as simple as taking a picture of part of a flat piece of clothing, such as from a dress and then cropping it on Photoshop or whatever programs you decide to use. After cropping the image so that you only see the patterned material, you will have a perfectly nice background to use! For example, if your background is tie dye that came from your tie dye maxi dress you can use part of this background to layer with other elements. You also can use it on its own as a creative background that all of the other elements will look great layered on top. Use your imagination and have fun with all sorts of clothing in your closet!

{ Tie Dye Pants via Sierra }

Copy Fun Embellishments such as Paper Clips, Ribbon, Flat Stones, and even Furniture Elements!

After you’ve found a background, now is the time to have fun with other elements, such as paper clips, ribbon, and flat stones. You can either copy these elements individually using a copier on your printer or you can take a picture of these elements and then import the images on to your computer. However you decide to import the elements on your computer, once they are there it’s time to have fun with them! Continue to layer on top of your initial tie dye background and create your own digital scrapbooking page just from fun elements that you have in your home. You might even look at your shabby chic furniture and take a picture of the gorgeous wood flower piece on top and use that as an embellishment. It truly is limitless what you can use as scrapbooking embellishments. Other objects include leaves, flowers, old bottles, and more!
{ Shabby Chic Furniture Wood Flower Element, via Sierra }

Develop a Studio Area Where You’ll Feel at Home to Create Your Pages

Once you’ve gotten the hang of finding elements that will look wonderful as scrapbooking elements, if you don’t have a work space that keeps you motivated and content while working on a project, maybe it’s time to get one! Decorate a room and implement a desk area, craft room, or even a sofa bed that will aid in your creative moments when you decide to search for more scrapbooking embellishments to use. You’ll feel right at home and your creative juices will continue to flow!

So as you learn how to utilize scrapbooking embellishments that already exist in your own home, you’ll most definitely have fun creating layouts that look fabulous. Whether you’re creating a layout for a family member or for yourself, continue to look for elements that will work well for digital scrapbooking and pretty soon you’ll be giving advice to others on how to create a fun digital scrapbooking layout!

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of her company Paige One. She loves graphic design and in particular enjoys creating digital scrapbooking layouts. Connect with Sierra on her personal blog Ocean Dreams and get inspired to create with her! 

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